Why do I need a professional headshot?

We only get one chance at making a first impression and it has been proven that people really do judge you on your appearance. A series of experiments by Princeton psychologists reveal that all it takes is a tenth of a second to form an impression of a stranger from their face, and that longer exposures do not significantly alter those impressions

There are different types of headshot such as corporate headshots for business, portfolio headshots for actors and models and branding headshots to showcase your business.

Most people like to see the person with whom they are considering doing business with and a professional portrait projects an image of a professional business. Potential clients want to see a person who is approachable, capable and takes their business seriously. Having professional portraits of yourself and your staff gives your business a personal touch – clients feel a connection to you, like a first introduction, a representation of who you are.

Your headshot can be used for many purposes, building a consistent image of you that you will become associated with. Being connected is key in the social media and networking age that we find ourselves in. Social media is often a source which other businesses and the public will use to connect with you and they are more likely to want to contact you if you have a professionally taken photograph. Have a photograph ready that you can use easily on your web site, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, guest posts and in PR. Being able to use the photograph for all these purposes makes the investment great value.

I am skilled in my craft and it is my daily job to make my subjects look great using my knowledge with lighting, composition, posing and post production. A portrait should reflect you and as a professional photographer I will be able tailor the session to what is right for you and your business. You have invested in your business, take the time to invest in yourself.