The pandemic has been and continues to be a very worrying time for us all. When lockdown happened everything changed, everything closed, pretty much everything stopped. My heart went out to all the couples who had to postpone their weddings, corporate clients who had to cancel their events, family portraits no longer able to take place. Huge life events that had to be put on hold.

Whilst outdoor socially distanced portraits have been able to take place, on 15th June photographic studios have been able to open their doors to customers again. The health, safety and welfare of my clients, those working with me and myself is very important. I am pleased to say that I have signed up to the Master Photographer’s Association Covid-19 Protocol. This means that I agree that I will reassure my customers, that I will follow the Covid-19 advice given by HM Government, the devolved Parliaments of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and your Local Authority appertaining to your business. In addition I must maintain a clean and safe environment for myself and my customers. You can read the protocol here.

We will be pleased to welcome you back to the studio. Please feel free to give me a call or drop me and email should you have any concerns before your visit so that I can put your minds at ease. We have also added a special wedding package for those who are having a small wedding during these times, please see the information page for more details.