Portrait of Fiona Jones photographer

‘photograph |ˈfəʊtəɡrɑːf|
a picture made using a camera, in which an image is focused on to light-sensitive material and then made visible and permanent by chemical treatment, or stored digitally’

This is the definition of photograph and what I like most about this is ‘visible and permanent’. I have always loved photographs, I’d spend hours looking through my Grandad’s navy photographs, our family holidays, important occasions, the embarrassing ones of us as kids. Albums stuffed with memories, these moments stored – visible and permanent.

It played a big part in my becoming a photographer, I liked recording moments in time, just like my Grandad recording his navy days – ships, handsome young men in smart uniform, foreign lands, his monkey, guns, war and death. I looked at these photographs, a single point in time preserved, that was it, the job for me. Funny really – I was convinced when I was very little that I’d work with horses or be a farmer.

After leaving school I studied at Guildford Technical College and went straight into a photography job as an assistant after qualifying and I have been photographing ever since. In fact – I don’t actually think that I could do another job – I even met my fiancé Jason whilst working at a studio! I love photographing people. My first wedding was in 1997 for a friend and I haven’t looked back since. I have photographed weddings and events all over England and a few in Scotland and Wales in some very lovely venues.

I qualified as a member of the Master Photographers Association in 2007 – the UK’s leading qualification body exclusively for professional wedding, portrait and commercial photographers recognising skill, knowledge and commitment. I have entered MPA competitions and won awards which I am very proud of achieving.

Outside of work, Jason and I live in a small village just outside Farnham in Surrey and we love being part of village life. We have a Land Rover Defender and have been to some stunning parts of the UK, driving way up and out of the mist into the glorious Welsh sunshine has to be a highlight. I like cycling, I’m not serious and I don’t look good in lycra, but we are lucky to be surrounded by a beautiful landscape and my bike makes me get out there and take some of it in. I recently started running which my body doesn’t enjoy but it is good for the mind, well, that’s what I keep telling myself. I always have music on and I like all music of all ages and genres – I drive Jason mad humming along out of tune and singing the wrong lyrics. I am partial to a gin and enjoy a pint of real ale, when I’m at work it has to be a proper frothy coffee.